Virtual Receptionist

InTouchNow’s phone answering service helped us scale our business to over 100,000 customers

Running an ad driven business model, a 24/7 answering service is vital to our operation

By having a virtual receptionist answering your business telephone calls, you are free to get on with the work at hand.

Over the last decade, technology has given every person the ability to make calls where and when they want.

In response to this businesses now more than ever focus on how they can get the most from the customers who contact them, this starts with making sure every call is answered promptly and professionally every time.

We provide a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Service to companies so that internal staff can work uninterrupted whilst we answer calls from clients.

Calls can be patched through, messages taken or other more complex information collected before we pass the data to you.

After every call, we send a text and email notification, with the information also available via our App and Web Portal.

 We offer competitive monthly rolling contracts priced to make it cost effective for you to outsource the receptionist function at your company.

Please fill in your details below and a member of our team will call you within a few minutes

In line with our ISO 22301 for Business Continuity we guarantee 99.99% up time to our service



UK Based

Our UK based operators are split up in to teams based on their industry experience so the person answering your calls really understand your business and the callers requirement

Open 24/7 365

We are always open, our commitment to a diverse workforce has meant that we have teams of people working 24/7


Our Registration with the ICO and our ISOs for Information Security, Business Continuity and Quality Management set a high benchmark to our work


Our telephony technology is built and maintained by us so we rely on no 3rd party products to keep the system running




We answer all calls in the name of your company, as if we are based in your office and can either patch calls through to your phones or take messages.

​Overflow / Lunch time

We answer calls when there are no internal receptionists available. No call is ever missed and every caller is answered promptly and professionally, every time

Out of hours

In a 24/7 economy, companies are finding that customers engage their services at times of day that they previously would be closed. By employing a 24/7 answering service you can meet this need from consumers

Intouch now also handle outbound telephone contact

Outbound calls

As part of our service, we offer an outbound call service where we can respond to people who make contact with your business. This can be in response to a webform, email or a request for services or support. Once we have them on the phone we can provide any of our normal functions that we do for inbound calls