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Food & Entertainment

One thing that the world has learnt in 2020 is that eating and going out are 2 of the things that we crave the most.

We work with companies who operate restaurants and food markets, cinemas, entertainment parks and amusement arcades.

When someone calls you, the experience that they have in those first few seconds can significantly impact the likelihood of them attending your location or booking your service.

We make sure that every call is answered promptly, professionally and with a friendly attitude to make sure that the first impression is a positive one.

We can book diners, meals, tickets, provide opening times, directions or meal updates. We can also send text messages with booking confirmations and links to directions on google maps.

For operations looking to grow, we provide you with a scalable answering solution to support your growth.

For established businesses, we provide a cost effective solution to compliment or replace your existing answering solution.

We are an average of 50% cheaper than a full-time member of staff.

Why Companies Chose Us

UK Based

All of our operators are UK based. We offer blended teams of office and home-based staff giving ultimate continuity to your business and operations.


Our Registration with the ICO and our ISOs for Information Security, Business Continuity and Quality Management set a high benchmark to our work

Open 24/7 365

We are always open, our commitment to a diverse workforce has meant that we have teams of people working 24/7


Our teams of operators come from all sectors & industries. We use our technology to determine the right team for your business / operation

Types of  Companies That Use Our Service


Whether you operate an eCommerce platform or sell on one we have the right answering solution to make sure that your customers can always contact you. The most popular contact channel for online sales is Live Chat. By having this on your site or page buyers can engage with you throughout the checkout process. We can help make sure you are getting as many conversations as possible.

Food Trucks / Social Media / D2C

As a small business it is hard enough getting around, out there to the public and actually cooking the food that responding to customers sometimes takes a back seat. We provide a cost-effective way of making sure that people can interact with your business at any time. We can take bookings for meals, guide people to your location or generally provide you with a structure to grow around.

Entertainment Parks

For people with questions about attending your physical location we can serve your customer service desk to make sure that questions are answered and people make it to your location.

Excellent call documentation

Once a call, live chat or piece of contact ends the information is logged into our system and you receive an email and / or a text with everything included. We also have a web portal and apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to monitor all communication that we take for your business.

We start by offering all new clients a free trial of our service

We’re open 24/7, for more information and to discuss
how our service can work for you:

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