InTouchNow’s phone answering service helped us scale our business to over 100,000 customers

We work with introducers across various sectors who have unique relationships with companies who can benefit from our array of services and products.

If you are a business consultant, we can provide you with a reseller agreement so you can provide your customers with a professional and scalable answering solution.

If you are an advertising or marketing agency, we can provide a solution to your clients to ensure that every enquiry is promptly answered and qualified for a fraction of the cost of the ads themselves. Across the firms that we work with, clients see a significant boost in conversion rates by having us manage this contact.

If you have unique relationships, we would love to speak with you to see how we can support your network with an outsourced answering solution

In you are interested in joining our Introducers program, please fill in the webfrom on this page and a member of our team will call you to discuss more about how we can work together.

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UK Based

All of our operators are UK based. We offer blended teams of office and home-based staff giving ultimate continuity to your business and operations

Open 24/7 365

We are always open, our commitment to a diverse workforce has meant that we have teams of people working 24/7


Our Registration with the ICO and our ISOs for Information Security, Business Continuity and Quality Management set a high benchmark to our work


Our teams of operators come from all sectors & industries. We use our technology to determine the right team for your business / operation