Recruitment Answering Services

InTouchNow act as our switchboard to make sure that our consultants can focus on the outbound calls

Your scalable pricing model has helped us grow our firm in a cost effective way

Since the beginning or time, the telephone has been a staple in the recruitment business and today in 2020 that is no different.

We support recruitment firms by providing phone call and live chat answering services, meaning that they can focus in filling their existing roles and finding new ones.

We work with over 100 recruitment organisations, from start ups to multinational. Our service doesn’t change, we are here 24/7 to make sure that no call or live chat is ever missed and that every caller whether client or candidate receives the highest quality service possible.

We have seen a change in the recruitment landscape over the last few years where your professionals look to engage consultants at later times of the day when most firms are closed or from their desk at their current role when they have a few minutes free.

Please fill in your details below and a member of our team will call you within a few minutes



UK Based

All of our operators are UK based. We offer blended teams of office and home-based staff giving ultimate continuity to your business and operations

Open 24/7 365

We are always open, our commitment to a diverse workforce has meant that we have teams of people working 24/7


Our Registration with the ICO and our ISOs for Information Security, Business Continuity and Quality Management set a high benchmark to our work


Our teams of operators have experience across all sectors and we aim to match you with teams who have a background in your markets



Late in the day calls

By having us answer your calls 24/7 you will never miss another person making contact no matter how busy you are. Many professionals job surf after work, so by having a 24/7 answering service you will make sure that every caller is dealt with and prepped to receive a call back. It is the little things, like always being available that may make the difference between you representing the candidate or loosing them to another firm.

Discreet job seekers

One of the most popular ways that jobseekers are discreetly contacting recruitment agencies is Live chat. Live chat is one of the fastest growing contact channels globally and is being adopted by recruitment firms quicker than any other industry. By providing a way for people who are surfing your website to instantly interact with your company from a browser window right at their desk, only increases the chance of that person becoming a viable candidate.

Call documentation

Live chat is used to initiate the conversation and then arrange a callback with a consultant.

Once a call or live chat ends the information is logged into our system and you receive an email and / or a text with everything discussed. We also have a web portal and apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to monitor all communication that we take for your business.

Always available

Our service is run 24/7 365 and provides a cost effective, scalable option to firms looking to grow or reduce in house secretarial costs.