Understanding the 2024 GP Patient Survey: What's New and Why it Matters

The GP Patient Survey (GPPS) has long been a cornerstone of understanding patient experiences within the UK healthcare system. As we look ahead to the 2024 survey, several significant changes have been made to ensure it remains relevant, comprehensive, and reflective of patient needs. This blog will explore what has changed in the 2024 survey, […]

  • By: Admin | Jul 03, 2024
Navigating the Morning Rush: Transformative Solutions for GP Practices

Introduction The morning hours in General Practitioner (GP) surgeries are akin to the rush hour in a bustling city – marked by a flurry of activity, heightened demand for services, and the challenge of managing a deluge of patient needs. This critical period often sets the pace for the day and can be a barometer […]

  • By: Admin | Jan 25, 2024
Navigating the 2023/24 GP Contract Changes with InTouchNow’s Medical Reception Service: Improving Patient Access and Experience

Introduction The landscape of patient care is constantly evolving, and NHS England's recently unveiled changes to the GP contract for 2023/24 are no exception. In this blog post, we will explore the key changes to the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF), and how we can help your practice adapt seamlessly to keep compliant with the […]

  • By: Admin | Mar 16, 2023
Avoiding Disruption: How Outsourcing Your Reception Provides Business Continuity During Strikes

In today's fast-paced business world, it's essential to maintain a smooth flow of operations, even during times of upheaval. Today’s teacher and train strikes in the UK serve as a reminder that disruptions in traditional work environments can quickly cause chaos and hinder productivity. But by outsourcing your reception and secretarial support to us, your […]

  • By: Admin | Feb 01, 2023
GP Surgeries, the hardest hit by the skills shortage

In our last blog post, we looked at a recent report which showed that 85% of UK companies are currently struggling to hire receptionists and other back-office staff. In this week’s edition, we delve deeper into this trend to examine the cohort with the longest-standing unfilled roles: GP Surgeries. In a recent survey, back-office hiring […]

  • By: Admin | Jan 03, 2023
How do you deal with back-office support demands during the holiday season?

It’s the 24th of December at 4 PM. A new customer calls, chasing a quote for services. How have you planned to ensure delivery of the same service levels that you provide throughout the year? Key question: How do you deal with back-office support demands during the holiday season? A key annual challenge that companies […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 28, 2022
85% of UK employers are struggling to hire reception, admin & office support roles

Most employers in the United Kingdom (85%) find hiring reception, admin and office support staff challenging as skills and talent shortages continue to ramp up globally. According to a report by recruitment firm Robert Half, the evolving skills requirements across these three positions exacerbate the talent shortage. More and more businesses now require high-level customer […]

  • By: Admin | Nov 17, 2022
The evolution of customer service

It’s no secret that customer expectations have changed. With consumers expecting information at their fingertips no matter what, waiting is no longer even considered a plausible option by many. The development of digital technology has come with a change in consumer demands, with real-time availability being manifested by many. This is supported by Toiser data […]

  • By: Admin | Feb 03, 2021
ServicesNow Group Launch Of New Call Handling Service Makes The Headlines

The launch of InTouchNow, our new call handling service for businesses large and small has made the news, with the story featuring in Legal IT Insider. Perhaps better known to many as the Orange Rag, Legal IT Insider is regarded as the leading resource for legal IT professionals across the world, with news, views and […]

  • By: Admin | Mar 03, 2020

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