85% of UK employers are struggling to hire reception, admin & office support roles

Nov 17, 2022

85% of UK employers are struggling to hire reception, admin & office support roles

Most employers in the United Kingdom (85%) find hiring reception, admin and office support staff challenging as skills and talent shortages continue to ramp up globally.

According to a report by recruitment firm Robert Half, the evolving skills requirements across these three positions exacerbate the talent shortage.

More and more businesses now require high-level customer service, data analytics and document production skills for their admin, HR, and office staff. Junior HR roles are also required to have tech skills and are given larger responsibilities within the firm.

Robert Half’s study also highlighted how the lack of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) programs within the company is considered a “red flag” for many HR professionals looking for a new job.

About 66% of hiring managers agreed that businesses need to be more transparent about their DEI activities to attract staff.

Shelley Crane, Market Director for Marketing, HR & Executive Support at Robert Half, commented, “the effects of the war for talent are being felt across every function. Admin, HR and office support staff have a critical role to play in keeping businesses running, but our data suggests that the current hiring landscape is making recruitment across these roles difficult.”

InTouchNow continues to see strong demand for support services amongst law firms, health & care and eCommerce sectors as companies turn to high-quality, established providers of outsourced support to fill the demand gap created by the skills shortage.

We provide an on-demand resource of reception, customer service and back office staff, experienced in your sector, trained on your business processes and ready to help assist in the management of internal demands.

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